Lot's of viewstate errors in the log but only from Google and Apple spiders

On production we get a lot of "Cannot decrypt the content" and "Error Deserializing ViewState of page "ASP.categorypage_aspx"" errors in the error log on production.

We did investigations.

Here is an update on the viewstate errors.
We downloaded the errors from Service Center to get a better understanding of what is happening.
We noticed that the IP addresses where the request originate from basically 2 ranges: 66.249.66.* and 17.121.112.* / 17.121.113.* / 17.121.114.* / 17.121.115.* where the majority is from the first one.

When looking up the IP address ranges these belong to Google(bot) and Apple(bot).Looking at the logs it also looks like they use a (limited) set of visitorid's.

I am wondering how we can reset those broken sessions .This errors might impact our ranking in Google and we would like te get ride of the all these errors in Service Center which over float the other errors.

We opened a support call for this and OutSystems and they will share it with a Technical Success Manager from our Customer Success team, as this issue is within their area of expertise.

 They also asked to post a query on this forum so I also ask the question here.

Hope someone can help us.

Kind regards,

Johan den Ouden
OutSystems MVP

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