I'm testing the company's applications and this is in a critical step...
The apps deal with a lot of financial data and sometimes I need to run some Batch to change the server date...the thing is that the date is now in 2012-01-10, and it expired the 2011-12-17. I now that licencing is only valid for one year but I have to workaround this...it's a big limitation...

please help a man on a Saturday work day :)
Hi Bruno,

Couldn't you replace the functions CurrDate() and CurrDateTime() with your own custom functions that would return that date in the future (e.g. that could be stored in a site property)? This way you wouldn't need to mess around with the system date. Just an idea...

Tiago Simões
Hi Hugo,

You will also have problems getting your server back to the normal date ..since it will start complaing that you were tampering with the dates.
I suggest you to contact the OutSystems Support.

João Rosado