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I am facing the following error when I try to compile the published app to install the apk on a device.

Error generating Test - Mobile (Android): There was an issue generating the app. Gradle now requires you to declare dependencies using "implementation" or "api" instead of "compile". The dependency being incorrectly declared is "com.github.tony19:logback-android:1.1.1-9". Check your plugin configurations and try again.  



Sathish R

Hello Satish,

What is the MABS version you are using to compile and generate the Build?

The current version of the plugin is prepare to be compiled in MABS 7.2. In a few weeks will be release a new version compatible with MABS 8.0.

If you are using MABS 8.0 to compile the build right now, please use MABS 7.2 until we release a new version.

Best Regards,

Bruno Domingues

Thanks It's working now

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