New Service Studio latest goodies

Do you know the redesigned and improved Service Studio? We call it New Service Studio!

It has all the goodies from the O11 Service Studio for Windows, but works on MacOS also.

Evolve your existing Traditional Web applications while creating new amazing experiences, with the same tool!

All the power to translate your apps, into several languages, is now available on this tool. No more complex and difficult translation activities.

Consume SOAP Web Services simply and without any hand-coding.

Refresh your REST API calls with a simple menu selection… No more cumbersome comparison on API specs.

Organize your work the way you prefer: rearrange tabs with code, move to another screen just by dragging, close multiple tabs at the same time… 

Would you like the Studio to remember your last window setup? Customize splitter's positions on the Workspace and stay productive. Studio also remembers dialogs’ size and position.

Now you don’t get lost! Find your way easily and quickly with zoom in / zoom out!

The sweet capability to toggle application UI from simple edit mode to close to final, is now available for React Widgets. Stay productive even when the complexity of screens grows!

And much more…

We would like to challenge you to try it and provide us with your feedback! Enjoy it all in a beautifully redesigned user interface, improved interactions, and themes!

You can download here the latest version of Service Studio MAC or in Service Studio 11 - Beta if you're using Windows.

Hi António BarrosWhere did you get that information?

I would like to be informed of the improvements and optimizations within the platform.

Likewise, thanks for sharing the information.


I have been using the Beta since the early beginnings and am loving it so far. I also keep a very close eye on the patch notes of this version and to my surprise a lot of the features mentioned here are nowhere to be found in the patch notes. Things like Zoom, remembering modal position and configuration are not mentioned at all. So this was a nice surprise since I haven't tried the Zoom option yet although I miss it a lot. 

The only thing that I really miss right now is being able to have the Aggregate configuration put in a modal instead of full screen as it is right now. I hope this gets added soon.

How much work needs to be done before the Beta label can be removed and this version can replace the current retail version? Anyhow; Great work guys, keep it up!

I have seen it grow from very early versions, I have reported hundreds of bugs (with video included), and it has been improved a lot. 

And, as Vicente said, I think release notes could be more complete, I compulsively look at the release notes, sometimes has only one or two "bugs" solved in a week, and compilantion number has increase +500, so there is something we are missing, like this news.

Great job!

Great work!


Thanks for sharing, cool update.


Very much excited to try this newer version with many new features!

Good News ! Awesome! 

Great News, I downloaded it for Windows but I am not able to find the option for enabling Dark Mode. Can anyone give me inputs on that?


Click in Edit menu and select Preferences:

It's the first option.

Best regards,

Ricardo Pereira

Awsome work. looking forward to use it



Great job!

Pretty Cool ! 


cool :-) 

When will we get this dark mode? 

If it is already available, please help me how to enable dark mode.

It has been available since the start of the hybrid version. It's under Edit -> Preferences. The first option on the screen. 

Hello Rifaz,

You need to download the Beta Version 11.51.9 for this feature, I tried downloading with the latest stable version 11.14.8 but I didn't found this feature there.

Please see the image given below and download the Beta version, after installing you can find the Dark Theme option in the Service Studio Preferences as explained by Vincent.

Hope it helps,

Awesome!!! Very long time waiting for some features.

Thats great.. improvement... keep going.

Eye-catching dark theme :D

Cool features!

Hai António Barros

that looks great!


I am not able to Download it.

Hi Manorama Malviya,

Thank you for sharing it.

Are you able to go to OutSystems Downloads page?

If you are Mac user, please follow link "Service Studio MAC - 11.51.9".

If you are a Windows user, please follow link "Service Studio 11 - Beta".

Were you know able to download the New Service Studio?


This seems Great

Cool! Thanks for sharing.

Can't wait to final version be ready to install it!

looks cool. Thanks for sharing !

Thank you for sharing

Great job!

Awesome, thanks for sharing!!

Great job!!! Thanks

Does anyone have an idea when it (or its feature set)  will exit Beta? 

Excellent work guys!

Excellent!! Thanks for sharing

Good Job !!

Boas notícias! Esses novos recursos na Plataforma facilitarão muito nosso aprendizado. Incrível!

I love SS goodies. Keep them coming

Nice work, that is cool !!

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