Install outsystem under ubunto

Install outsystem under ubunto

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Hope all doing well, i am trying to install outsystem java version server under ubunto but the steps are not clear i have done the database part but would appreciate if someone with the past experince to help me install the server part :)


Unfortunally the OutSystems Agile Platform for Java only supports the Red Hat Server 5.X or the CentOS 5.X. This is mainly because we use the RPM package format for distribution and the scripts and configurations are only certified to run on the Red Hat Server 5.X or the CentOS 5.X.
Can't you use a CentOS to install the Platform? 

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Thank you for the help and valuable info, i will download Centos and try install the same under it.


Hi Ahmad,

Were you able to install unde CentOS?

RPM is just the packagemanager you prefer and which is delivered with the distro per default.
Although I wouldn't advise it; you can install RPM under Ubuntu.

Compared to the distro's Debian / Ubuntu the Centos is moast alike Ubuntu.

I'm hoping for Outsystems to support the APT distro's instead of the Redhat / RPM based distro's but that's just my personal preference.
Redhat has the advantage of being supported 'formally'.
Ubuntu Server LTS has the advantage of being lean, mean and more 'open'.