Advances query with "in clause"

I'm trying to developt  advanced query based in a sql "in" clause.
After a few trials i got the following error:
"Error in advanced query getListaEmpresas in Preparation in PaginaInicial in MainFlow in MJBMBizPortal (SELECT {cl}.[u_iniciais] as Iniciais ,lower({cl}.[nome2]) as Abrevitura ,{cl}.[nome] as Nome ,{cl}.[zona]as Distrito ,{cl}.[ncont] as NIF FROM {cl} WHERE {cl}.[no] in (@listaEmpresas)): Error converting data type nvarchar to numeric."

Our "@listaEmpresas" have this data "90,101,110,120", in SQL the query works fine, but thru AGILE doesn't.

Can your please help me to solve this problem?
Set te listaEmpresas Query Parameter to "Expand inline = YES", than the query parameter is used as a part of the SQL statement.

Kind regards,

Thanks for the tip.

Works perfectly.