Aggregate is not a function error
Application Type
Platform Version
11.12.2 (Build 31091)


I'm getting this error while running a mobile app on chrome browser:

[ErrorScreen] (module_name)Aggregates_IDB.execute(client_action_name)$ClientAction$getLocal(table_name)By(filter)Aggr is not a function

It happens when I try to execute a client side aggregate.

It started to happen after deployng a new version to production environment.

If I clear chrome cache or open a new window in incognito mode it works (however, i would like to know the reason why is this error happening).


Hi Sanjay Kumar Sahu ,

My name is Cristian, And I am helping in the forum with the intention of becoming an MVP, your like helps me a lot and even better if I manage to solve your issue.

Could you please provide a sample module so that we can try to reproduce the issue?

Also tell you that I have seen the same error in my development, such as the application from the browser is not updating correctly and I must clear the cache every so often or open it in incognito mode.

Best Regards,

Hi Rafael,

probably it occurs because for mobile applications, when using local Entities and local Aggregates (I guess this is the kind of Aggregate you are using) data is saved in the local storage of the device (in the internal Storage of the browser).

This means, that when you republish, there is still data saved in the Storage from the last time the last version of the application has been executed. Perhaps, this triggers the exception, due to inconsistencies in the version/data model.

Hi Borislav,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I'm using a local aggregate (local storage).
However, the local storage entity has not been changed.
This is the first time I'm facing this kind of problem.
The platform version has recently been updated to version 11.12.2 (Build 31091).


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