Entities in extension not in Database

Hi, I created an extension which is a compilation of multiple entities. This extension only contains entities, nothing more. I use these entities throughout my project and no compilation errors are found, also, no references are outdated. However, not a single table of this extension is created in the Database causing runtime query to return an error. How do I create these extension's tables?

Hi Nuno, 

sorry to ask but...why did you create your data model in the extension?

Well to tell the truth I did not, someone did. It's because of the Software Units. This was a way to save some. And not all data model was done like this, only some tables.
Integration Studio entities only work to integrate with existing database model tables. No model will be created when you're using IS... Use Integration Studio just for Integrating with external systems.
Use SS instead to create the datamodel, those entities are:
- portable to other systems with 1cp
- resistant to change (you can edit your entity and don't have to worry with database manipulations)

With IS entities you'll have to do all the hard work in the SQL, and actually I would only use them for already existing systems.

Hope this helps.