[Spider Web Reactive Chart] Error on Javascript
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thanks to create this component. I am trying to make it work so I have downloaded the Demo.

As soon as I run the Demo I get an error:

Cannot read property of undefined (reading 'updateCenter').

I figure it is an error on javascript 

Highcharts JS v6.1.4 (2018-09-25)

I am using Outsystem 11.14.7


Hello Giulio,

That error usually happens when you are trying to load an element that has not been rendered yet. 

This error is coming from the highcharts_more script located in the main component which I think is outdated.

I got it to work by updating the script with the most recent version.

to do this open the SpiderWebReactiveChart module and go to Interface -> Scripts.

Double click on the script and replace the text.

This should work for you, but the creator of the Component should update the script.

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário

Ciao Paulo,

thanks for the reply. I did try that also (I found a more recent JS in another component called CombinationCharts) but as "spider" was pretty flat.

I really appreciate, I might just change the Graph maybe


Glad i could help :) 

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