Access to the path is denied for extension action

I am trying to run an extension (.net/C#) using NRecoPDF library in Outsystems Reactive application. When I published and try to generate a PDF, I am getting error like - Access to the path 'C:\OutSystems\Sandboxes\UUCMK2053\Platform Server\running\ADEO_Demo_UI\App_Data\wkhtmltopdf' is denied. I even tried to change the path in the extension using property - htmlToPdfConv.PdfToolPath, but getting the same error.

I saw a few posts to configure RUN AS section in the extension, but not able to find it for reactive. Also, I tried to give the full access of the target folder to 'Everyone', but that doesn't work either. Could someone please help me understanding what am I doing wrong here? Thanks! 

Do not save the file to a folder / server. You can process file data in binary and store it in a database.

This will help you. Cloud services are not allowed to store files on the server.



Hello Shahaji,

Thanks for your response!

Though it seems to be workable, but doesn't it occupy a lot of space in our databases (considering personal environments)? Is there any other workaround?

Hi Saurabh,

You can use S3 bucket storage for file storage or use a separate file server and communicate using the rest API.



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