OutSystems Community Management news

OutSystems Community Management news

Hi everyone,
My name is Miguel Melo and I am the new person responsible for looking after this awesome group of individuals collectively called the “OutSystems Community”. And, for those who may be unsure of what that really is, as this year’s Next Step t-shirt stated, the Community is [none other than] YOU.

Since I haven’t had a chance to interact with most of you so far, I thought I’d just drop a few lines about myself to give you a head start in knowing me. Though I have mostly laid low on the forums, I’ve actually been with OutSystems since 2001. I have had the pleasure of being involved in the research and development of just about every version of the Platform since version 0.1 alpha :) and it is indescribable the sense of pride of having worked with such talented individuals for so many years to bring to you what I believe is the best and most pragmatic development platform you can get, bar none.

Having been a BBS sysop aeons ago (remember when you had to dial in with your 9600 modem?) and member of many communities since (online and otherwise), I always enjoyed the interaction and the dynamics that get generated when like-minded individuals gather round. Furthermore, I firmly believe that it’s only when passionate people engage a work of art or piece of software that the true power and magic of that item comes to fruition. I believe that is what every one of you is doing here daily and I’d like to thank you for that. I am very excited by what lies ahead for all of us.

Finally, I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity of personally thanking Paulo Tavares who left me the thoroughly impossible task of living up to his immense qualities as Community Manager. You all know what a star he is online, with a burden for helping the community. But I have to state here what a friendly and commited person he is in "real life": he truly is one of the finest individuals you can ever aspire to befriend and I think I speak for everyone at OutSystems wishing him all the luck on his new venture abroad!

Any questions or comments? Suggestions or complaints? Just let me know and I’ll do my best to help!

Enjoy your time around here,

Well, there's definitely one thing that must be said here:


Cheers to Miguel and to all of you guys who help making this community such a great one to be part of!

All the best for you all :)

Paulo Tavares
Nice to meet you!

Hi Miguel,

Welcome to the madhouse ;)

Good luck and have fun!

And indeed nice to meet you (at least half of it, your avatar is interesting )!!
Thank you both for your kind words, and for being two of the people here that make the life of a Community Manager a lot simpler! :)

As for the avatar picture, it's my attempt at being mysterious and cool... I failed miserably on both counts.

Be well and keep in touch,

Welcome and Good luck  Miguel! 

Rafael Pereira
Lisbon Solutions