how to persist web block form data using Wizard (next button, previous button)
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Hello ,

I am beginner , i am using multiple web blocks(including wizard with 5 steps , next previous button) in a screen. I want to save the all web block's  form data in single save button. but when i am clicking  on next button and filled some fields and back to previous form block . The fields which i have already filled in the first step , the data in the form is lost  .How to persist the form data with every wizard steps ? Please help me out.



Web blocks should trigger events to pass any values to the consumer of said block.

This applies just as well to your form blocks, where each block will have the responsibility to pass form input values via event triggering (on change, or onclick of next button).

The screen above should gather all event information and in the final step of your wizard (or ealier?) persist the given data values into an entity.

For more information, you can refer to this documentation page :

Thank you Gwen Jamroziak for  your valuable hints


Hello Navneet Sharma,

I have build a little POC that you can see here:

I agree with Gwen Jamroziak with using events and web blocks, I think is the best way to achive what you need.

Also I add the OML in attach, that you can see how a I did my example.

Hope it helps.

Best Regards,

Nuno R


Hi Nuno,

Thanks for sharing your  POC .

I have used wizard also in a separate block. I am using both block(Wizard and Forms) on a screen.

You have used the wizard direct on the  screen but I want this wizard to enclosed in Block.



Wizard Buttons.png

Hi Navneet Sharma,

See the OML in attach with the wizard in a block.

Hope it helps,

Nuno R


Hi Nuno R

Thank You So Much For Solution.

its Really Helpful...



Hi Navneet Sharma

No problem.

I always learn something new when I try to solve an issue.

Best Regards,

Nuno R

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