Date picker issue in Editable table
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When I try to save the date picker in the editable table  by changing the date format to "MM/DD/YYYY" the date is getting saved, but when I refresh the page the input inside the table is displayed as MM/DD/YYYY.

But date needs to be displayed in the editable table. 

Hi Mohamed,

Check that on the database you have the value saved in a Data or DateTime attribute and that you are saving the right value (e.g. 07/03/2022).

Then when showing on the screen, you should use the built-in function FormatDateTime and use the format MM/dd/yyyy, as described in the description of the function:

Just replace the DateTime variable in my example, for the attribute with the date you want to format.

Kind Regards,

When saving the values it is stored as date but on the screen after refreshing the input field changed to MM/DD/YYYY

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