Cases - pop settings?

Cases - pop settings?

Unable to test cases,, port 995

pplication hangs.

Test failed on both trial server and also failed on our internal servers.
Hi Robert.

I think it has something to do with the RichMail extension. It's broken in versions 5.1 and 6.0. I contacted support and they're checking it. You better try an account different from gmail.
Hi Robert,

Not sure I understand the problem you're reporting. You're trying to test the Cases app and the app hangs when checking/fetching the emails via the timer?

Have you configured the email account via the app sidebar when logged in as the sample user "Patricia P. Wesley"?

Please let me know a little bit more.


Miguel Yes that is correct, I have configured the email settings via the sidebar! The test fails..(clicked on test button) it hangs! After a few minutes it returns with an error! Gmail pop is fails to work with "cases"
Hi again,

I can confirm that there is, indeed, a problem with richmail when connecting using security to pop3 servers. This problem only happens on servers running in 64 bits (the OutSystems trial servers are one such case, and I assume your internal servers are too). This issue is already known to our Maintenance team and will be addressed according to it's overall criticality.

In the meantime, I can only suggest one of two workarounds:

1) Use a different POP3 server, that does NOT demand a secure connection;
2) Run the Cases (or other secure Richmail-dependent applications) on a 32-bit machine. Unfortunately even setting the app pool on a 64 bit machine to 32 will not make it work...

Hope you can find one of these workarounds acceptable for the time being.



All our servers are 64 bit , no luck in getting it to work.

Thanks for the update.
I have the same problem, i can't fetch mails in my POP3 server. 
In last week, we did a update to the server (security stuffs), and now the Richmail doesn't work. 
Any idea to solve?