[Barcode Plugin] IOS fails to notify of close/exit when 'X'  used
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When using the 'X' to close the active scanner (IOS). The plugin fails to register that it has been closed in the logic of the ScanBarcode Action.
The consequence is that you are left with no way to detect the closing of the scanner when the user exits by this 'X' button in your own logic should you require this.


Hi @Tom Rowland ,

First of all, thank you for your question regarding our supported Forge component, the Barcode Plugin.

Both for iOS and Android, when the user clicks the 'X' button in the scanner, the 'ScanBarcode' client action will return a value of 'False' in its the 'Success' output parameter. Furthermore, an error with code '3' will be returned in this case, which can be accessed in the 'ErrorCode' output parameter of the client action . Would checking these parameters to see if the scan was successful or cancelled help?

Let us know if this helped.

Best regards,

Alexandre Jacinto

Hi @Alexandre Jacinto
I think an out of date version of the plugin must have been running in my test application.
After deleting and re-installing the app, I am now seeing this behaviour.

Hi @Tom Rowland,

Glad to hear that your issue is solved. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Best regards,

Alexandre Jacinto

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