[OutSystems Data Grid] How to copy & paste a row that have child cells
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Hi, there.

I'm currently facing an issue when I copy & paste a row (which has parent and child cells) to a new row: it only successfully copies the value of the cells that have no dependencies.

I currently trying to solve an issue that is described below. Does anyone have a clue about how to solve this?

How to reproduce:

  1. Navigate to Dropdown Column ParentBinding (personal-ww5hcsw8.outsystemscloud.com)
  2. Select the third row of the grid (Services Support East | Ann Olivarria) and Copy the row (Ctrl + C)
  3. Select the second row of the grid (Services | Andrea Mccarthy) and Paste the copied row (Ctrl + V)

At this moment, the second row changed to (Services Support East | [Empty]). It did not manage to paste the value of the child cell.

Thank you in advance.

Hello @Gustavo Nogueira 

First of all, thank you for bringing this scenario.
This scenario of copy&paste with parent binding columns was not something we were counting as a common use case so, we'll address this in the near future.
To provide you with more context, what's happening is that the code executed with the on cell value change is running asynchronously as you can see here:

For future reference to the release notes, our backlog item to address this has the code ROU-3183.
Hope this can help you.

Best Regards,

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