[OutSystems Data Grid] ufter update of module: Expecting a Text, found: undefined
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Hi after upgrading the Grid to newest version I get runtime error on loading screens with grid. After refreshing dependencies and publish, on runtime i get:

"[2022-03-08T14:38:57.813Z]: Expecting a Text, found: undefined 

TypeError: Expecting a Text, found: undefined

    at Function.t.ensureValidText (https://___/scripts/OutSystems.js?eq9LGmzdgJbMq6dbNoVMvQ:6:17537)

    at Function.t.checkType (https://___/scripts/OutSystems.js?eq9LGmzdgJbMq6dbNoVMvQ:6:15699)

    at t.setBasicProperty (https://___/scripts/OutSystems.js?eq9LGmzdgJbMq6dbNoVMvQ:6:13941)

    at t.set [as gridEventIdInLocal] (https://___/scripts/OutSystems.js?eq9LGmzdgJbMq6dbNoVMvQ:6:21133)

    at Controller.OutSystemsDataGridController.default.gridEventSubscribe$Action (https://___/scripts/OutSystemsDataGrid.controller.js?mwDDsIHPH67HfJsJ1EjR9Q:4541:31)

    at Controller._onReady$Action (https://d___/scripts/OutSystemsDataGrid.Grid_Events.OnDataChange.mvc.js?93cZTF8VHbkyfUiSMj3VeQ:244:38)

    at https://___/scripts/OutSystems.js?eq9LGmzdgJbMq6dbNoVMvQ:16:18813

    at d (https://___/scripts/OutSystems.js?eq9LGmzdgJbMq6dbNoVMvQ:2:16076)

    at f (https://___/scripts/OutSystems.js?eq9LGmzdgJbMq6dbNoVMvQ:2:15822)

    at Object.p [as tryCatchFinally] (https://___/scripts/OutSystems.js?eq9LGmzdgJbMq6dbNoVMvQ:2:16323)

U @ Logger.js:503"

The data seems to load as it used to after this error message.

Any idea on how I can avoid this?




Hello Bård,

Some questions to help understand and replicate what you found:

1. Does the grid load?
2. Does it display data?
3. Are you able to use it?
4. Do you see any error client side?

Thanks in advance!



1. yes it seems to load the correct data, but the red error message shows on load:

2. yes, attacing a picture, it seems to show correct data.

3. it behaves normal, but the error message is sowing to the user on every load/refresh. actionscolumns and filtering etc seems to work as normal.

4. "Expecting a Text, found: undefined" - probable given from the grid initialize?



Hello @Bård Indredavik 

Could you please share a module with the same scenario you are describing since we're not being able to reproduce it?
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Me too getting the same error. Is there any solution to fix this error?

Can you send us your sample so we can have a better look?

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