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This is my first post in community ! I tried using outsytems for couple of days and excited to develop more for business requirement. I am kind of stuck at different things. Right now I would like to know if its possible to sync data across devices instantly. Eg. If 2 devices is logged in Device 1 row is added/updated by pressing a save button/action in the app. Is it possible for device 2 to get the change instantly without reloading the webpage ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi Mohammed,

You can achieve your goal by using Firebase or similar technologies. The point is here that you need to trigger an event when something is updated by a user in any device and other clients listen to events and run its logic such as updating DOM, refreshing data, etc. 

It may help to you:

Please let us know your further questions.


Appreciate your help. It would be helpful of there is any guide on how to connect them together. I have no much coding experience. Thanks. @Necmettin Sahinbay 

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