How to add a Compound Data Types to a list
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Hi all,

I have a list with compound data types that I initially with an aggregate from database tables.

Then I need to create new custom rows with data that user fill in a form. I'm having difficulties to understand how to create a new compound data type record in order to append it to the list.

I tried to pass single values to the client action and also the two objects (BusinessVSEffort, Effort) but I can't compose in the compound data record.

I try to attach a couple of screenshot.




Hello Marco,

You can add compound data types to your list by using a List of Records. 

I'm attaching an oml using your example. 

Hope it helps!

Paulo Rosário


Thanks a lot for your answer.

In your example, if I understood well, you manage records from an aggregate from db and use that records to fill the list. This is the same thing I do for first loading from db. No problem in this step.

Now I want to insert a new record (in this case list of records) with information inserted in a form by user.

So, i.e. I collect through the form all single fields (item, quantity, existing, complexity...) filled by the user and I need to append a new record created with these information. I don't know how I can create e new record of 'BusinessVSEffort, Effort' type to be passed to ListAppend function.

Hoping to have been clear enough

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