Adjust position of elements

My app is quite basic in that its 10 input boxes with a title above each box, a button at the bottom to calculate and a box below that with the result.  All works well but now I want to find tune it, I have been trying to make sure each separator text, title and input box is a particular distance apart so it looks clean.  I cant see anywhere in the Style Sheet to edit element position,  dragging causes more problems also.  I have attached a screenshot to show my layout.

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Screenshot 2022-03-09 121149.png

You can use classes to adjust the distance, you can use the style classes of the container/element to include those classes that will give the style. In this case, you can use the margin-bottom-base(i am putting base, but you can put others, check the link)

Let me know if it helps.

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Thank you for your reply Marcio, I understand what you are saying and tried it a little starting from the top entity and worked down but even then the spacing was so varying, i may have been doing it wrong.

Without having to start the module again, I am going to leave it, thank you so much for your help though. :)


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