Some questions about the Associate Traditional Web Developer

Hi everyone! I'm going to take my first certification soon and would like to know more about how it goes.

1. Will I be able to use the translator (for example, as in Google Chrome) or will there not be such an opportunity?

2. In the certification example, all questions have one answer. How many multiple choice questions will there be in the real exam?

3. Will there be options for questions in which you will need to write something? If yes, how much? And if in places there are difficulties in explaining in English, will the inspector pay attention to the meaning of the answer, or is grammar also taken into account?

4. Will I need to enable screen sharing during the exam?

I would be interested to know your experience of passing the exam, as I can worry about what I don’t know :)


Hello Ivan,


1. Translator is not allowed, your screen will be stuck on the questions screen.

2. In the real exam there will be 4 options and only 1 correct.

3. No writing questions, just multiple choice.

4. Yes, You will have to download and install a program from the company that performs the exam, this program will automatically share your screen and during the test a monitor will be available for questions and follow-up.

My answers were according to the exams I took.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards.

Thank you very much for your answer, it helps me understand more how everything will be in the exam :)

Hello Agno Silveira , Ivan Bulavin

I'm going to take my first certification soon and would like to know more about the mouse that was used during the exam.

Is it okay if I use a wireless mouse during the exam? I don't have a wired mouse linked to my computer because I don't have one. Is it necessary for me to purchase a wired mouse for this exam?  


Hi Poom, 

I usually do it with a wired mouse, but I talked to a friend who did it with a wireless mouse and had no problems.  


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