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If the column is hide from some user and than logout from application after sometime user login the hided column will be showing.

Need: The column will not show.


It depends on whether the user has permission to show it.

For this example I am not hiding a grid.

If not data that help me in development.
And only a user of type SUPPORT can see it

For my tests I had to log out and log in with another user, to speed that up a select grows that allows me to change roles.

The same should happen with your spine. It all depends on the condition you give it.

I hope it helps you.

Greetings and many successes.

If the user makes any change in the grid (Specific: Column Hide) ,the change should be resumed after the same user login next time 

I now understand the problem

then you have that information you have to save it in the server database.

and here I give you two options:

option 1.- When the user logs in, you consult your saves in a session variable and based on it you mark your configuration checks.

option 2 .- Every time you start session consult the server the configuration saves.

you tell me


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