[Significant Change Location Plugin] Backround API Trigger
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Forge component by Bruno Domingues
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Hi All,

I want to get user current lat long evrey 2 minutes in background so i want to trigger API every 2 minutes .so is it possible in Significant change location plugin.

Then, i am sending below details in Api.


Sathish R

Hi Sathish,

You have 'LocationUpdateInterval' set to 600 milliseconds, which is every 0.6s. If you want every two minutes it should be 120000.

Also, another side note is that your stationary radius is set to 10 meters.
GPS signals are dependent on a lot of factors, so being inside a building or if there are too many clouds or there is signal delay, or signal reflection on structures... All of this can affect your position and can make your gps coordinates move a few meters, even if you are standing still., so it is not advisable to set value too low.

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