How can I achieve this functionality with onblur event?
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The scenario is I am using the listitem widget and under that input widget to enter the emails, whenever I am opening my application in browser every time I enter email and move to enter another email the widget required double tap. I am using the onblur event for this. How can I ignore the double tap on widget? , I want single tap when click on input widget.


Hi Shivani,

To better understand your question can you post your OML?

Best Regards

Hi Aureliano,

I attached the image like as you can see there is input widget to enter the email address, so when I click on first and enter the text and right after that click on second input field so it's not clickable in single tap, I have to click it on two times and then it gains focus. for smooth performance whenever I click on it , It is clickable only on single tap. 

I Hope it's clear.    


sample image.png

Hello Shivani,

This is not a normal issue, That's the reason Mr. Aurelino Pinheiro asked you to provide the OML.

So that we can try it from our side and provide you with the solution.



Without the oml its hard to help, but could it be the taborder?

Edit: it seems like that is the issue. Use tabindex to get the desired tabindex.

I added an oml as example.


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