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I created structure with 3 attribute and taken 2 local variable .one for storing data and other for list. how to store that data in database because it lasts  only with the scope of screen.

kindly suggest.



You need to create an entity with those attributes too. You don't need the structure. Because what you will use is the entity structure

To save to the database then you just need to pass the student variable with data type student to the action that will create that record to the database.

Look at the module that I shared.

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what is the use of structure in your solution. same result we can find out without structure.

"What is the use of structure in your solution " I dint use a structure. If you want to save something in the database, you will need to create an entity/table to save it. Right?? if you don't do that, if you use just a structure, of course, it will last until you refresh or you close, because is not being persisted, any local variable will be reset until you save something again to that variable of type list.

Right now, in my example, you have an entity, you have actions to save to the database and its saving.

Check this link for training.

thanks a lot.

this can also be done with a single  local variable .PFA


That's not the point. The variable was not being used.

Just assigned , sorry I forgot to remove it and caused some confusion to you... 

Solution of my Problem


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