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I have created extension with confluent kafka package installed via nuget. When i veryfy its successfully compiles and published. But when some other developer downloads it he get messege to install packages again.

I have included app config and packages file already in extension.

can somebody please help what is going wrong apart  from this i would also like to ignore system dlls in extension. I tried toignore them

But extension does not compiled successfully.

I would like to suggest if at all possible that you separate the extension itself and the demo page, which would make it not necessary to have OutSystems UI installed at all. This would make your extension a lot more backwards compatible to OS 10 for example. 

It's still usable but can't be directly downloaded from the forge, because it says it's incompatible with current version of the platform, have to download and apply manually. 




Hi Shahaji,

I don't understand your anwer at all. Ashish didn't talk about demo pages or OutSystems UI??


Hi Ashish,

You write "I have included app config and packages file already in extension." - how did you include them?

Hi Kilian,

thank you for reply.

I have included them from resources section in integration studio.

For example right click on file and include in extension option.

thanks & Regards

Did you try to do this on the dlls? 

Instead of do not copy , choose always copy .

Hi Rijan,

yes i did this.

Thanks & Regards

Ashish Akolkar

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