Css issue with adaptive colums

Hi Team,
i am trying to design the layout of my table and pdf using adaptive 2 columns from the widget options available but the margins are not workings like they should. i think i am missing something.
I am attaching the layout pattern and what i have managed to achieve so far in terms of layout , kindly look into it and suggest what can be done about it


My primary issues include inserting a scrollable bar on the left for the pdf

Removing the horizontal space between the space alloted for pdf and table ( i think something is wrong in column 2)

Creating an API for pdf import


Hi Saif ,

My name is Cristian, And I am helping in the forum with the intention of becoming an MVP, your like helps me a lot and even better if I manage to solve your issue.

I don't understand why 2000px wide? if approx the monitor will have 1200px.

Here there is something that I do not like and it is the space.

Here I indicate that the container will measure 400px and if you have content inside that the scroll will appear.

I will give the content of the pdf a size of 1200px

Now it should work.

tell me how are you?


Hi Cristian Angel Puma Villalva,
Its resolved now.Thank you for your time

Hi  Cristian Angel Puma Villalva,

I made some changes and messed up the table.. There is some minor issue with the file. could you please in guiding me where i went wrong?


Hi Saif,

I am wondering why you set a size of 1200px  to a parent container. I changed it to fill

I notice that all the elements are inside column 1.

in particular I would move the button and the table in the other column.

the container is defined for 5col, I would define it at 12col or just leave it with Fill.

that container is the one with the Scrool class.

With that it should be fine.

you tell me

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