How to save data from dropdown in another entity
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Hi all,

I am working on a reactive app for products.
I have a product details page where UOM is an attribute for Product entity, but I want to fill the UOM attribute using another entity called UOM.
I am not able to transmit the data retrieved from the UOM entity to Product.UOM  entity.

 UOM - Use dropdown and fill values in dropdown using entity.

I want Product.UOMid = and Product.UOMName = UOM.Name.

OML is there for reference.

Thank you.


as i can see, you already set the product.uomid to

Use the onchange event of the dropdown. in that event you can set the product.uomname to

The assign is not inputting the values.

I am not sure what you mean with assign.

After the dropdown changed, is the value in your record?

I do see this:

You don't need to do that assign. 

Is you record saved or did you get an error?

The id has been changed to 2 from 1

but the name is still giving Nos in both the attributes where as one has Number as the value for name.

but your assign for name is after the createupdate action.

Can you change that?

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