Return 403 Forbidden when call a rest API
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.14.8 (Build 58515)
Platform Version
11.12.1 (Build 31092)

This is a very strange problem, I integrated a rest API in a Foundation module, and have some modules consume this API.

API is no problem. but one of the module always return 403 Forbidden error.

i don't know why this module cannot call this API.

This problem has only recently appeared, it was working fine before.

Please help.

1. Click on Use NetChecker to troubleshoot your connection first.  You should check the command telnet <ipaddress> <port> from your server using the NetChecker application.

2. Raise ticket to Outsystems Support.



Hi Shahaji,

thanks for your reply,

i don't think it is connection issue,  because those modules are in same application, only  this 'QHNSVC_Timer' have this problem.

i will raise a ticket to Outsystems support team.



Hi Jiu Long,

Timers may run on a different front-end than user applications, in which case the specific timer server doesn't seem to have access. Might this be the problem?

Hi Kilian,

Them are in same application. not only timer job have problem, even if i create a sample test screen in QHNSVC_Timer and call the API via screen action, still get 403 Forbidden.



Hi Jiu Long,

Just to be sure, did you check on the Integration tab in Service Center whether it has the correct address for the REST service? Did you compare it to the address shown for the modules that do work?

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