Send notification to anonymous/all devices that have an app.

Hello everyone,

How can I create a mechanism that sends notifications to all devices that have an app.

The app has no users. And what is intended is that it sends notifications to all devices, whenever a new event or news is added.

I used Firebase, but in the tutorials I've seen, it only serves to send to a registered user.


Dear Henrique,

Push Notification mechanism works with registered clients for the application.

For example, apple & android Push Notification Service will know that user is registered in application then it will trigger the notification based to the app to those users only.
Notification will identify the app and user both. also user needs to explicitly give permission to receive notification on his/her device for Push Notification to work.


Palak, thanks for the message.

There are apps that send notifications without having a logged in user. Can I develop this in an Outsystems app


Hi Henrique,
In case you have used this plugin for Firebase Integration then I would suggest to go with the below approach.

- Subscribe your users to one common topic; created for your broadcast; you can call this action from Firebase Mobile Module on MobileApp onAppReady event.

- Now you can use the FirebaseMiddleware module action to Broadcast the Notification to all the Subscribers of this topic.

Hope it helps :)

Kind note:
- Kindly try to post the plugin relevant question on that respective plugin support section; this will help you to quick solution.


Thanks Assif, i will test using this approach.

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