Retrieving data in dropdown while switching between different sections of form
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I am creating a form with wizard as it has multiple sections. While switching between different sections the data in other fields is retrieved whereas data in dropdown is not retrieved. So how can I do that ?


Hi Atishay,

Can you put oml or images of code what you have tried.

Here's the oml


Hello Atishay,

As you passed core_widget layer so its not that much easy to get the particular thing from it
but from my prospective you are passing every value from input (ApplicantContact)

and after that in the particular dataaction you are filter that so on parameter change you need to refresh all the dataaction which is passing input value in it(already that warning shown to you)

Due to this your dataaction is not refreshing and not filtering on the bases of input parameter


May be this will helps you .

Thanks andRegards,

Akshay Deshpande

Thanks Akshay I will try by the way you said.

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