Is there a way to do horizontal scroll inside Service Studio?

I want to scroll sideways inside Service Studio, not the apps it create.

Is most applications that exist you can do a horizontal scroll by holding shift/alt and spinning the mouse wheel or sliding two fingers sideways on a touchpad. None of that works on Service Studio, is there any configuration to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.


I think this might be a CSS issue that reacts with the view within Service Studio, here is the code that you can put in your CSS theme (or screen where you have the issue):

html {

    -servicestudio-overflow: visible;


I could also totally misread the issue.. And you are just asking if there is any way as a hot-key to scroll horizontally.
I am not aware of any short-cut ways, other than just dragging the scrollbar (with above fix).

By scrolling sideways inside SS you mean in order to see all projects or did you mean in order to scroll sideways inside an app? 

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