[Location Plugin] Can't add 'GetLocation' element as a Dependency
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I keep getting this error when trying to add the location plugin to my Universal Web App

Can't add 'GetLocation' element as a Dependency because 'LocationPlugin' Module has broken Dependencies. Open 'LocationPlugin' Module, then open Manage Dependencies and fix the issue.

I have added the "Common" dependency but it is still doing this, has anyone figured this out? 

Hello Jeremy,

look try to do this:

1 remove the dependency from your service studio

2 reinstall it from the forge

3 update the dependency in your project

4 lifts the service study

5 rebuild the apk

and from the mobile uninstall the previous apk and download the new generated apk.

Now when you open the app activate your gps, and verify that you have permission to access the gps.

I hope it helps you, tell me if it worked.


Sorry, I'm not sure how to do 4, and also the app is not an APK... it's a universal web app

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