Rewritting the Expenses Application New Expense Table

Rewritting the Expenses Application New Expense Table

I have my application set up so that a person could create a new "Pawn" and they put in their info and below they can put in info regrading specfic items that would add to the "Items" entity. I am trying to use it as the one the the Expenses Applacation in the "New Expense Report" at the bottom. I have gotton my in and everything works expect, the Total (Grand Total) doesn't show up, the Row Count Script doesn't work, and once I make a new one, and then make another the older one shows with 5 more rows. I have attached the OML and everything is under the New Pawn. Thanks for any help that can be given

Michael Smith
could you give a litle more information of what you want?
that line count script is to count the lines of the table?
if it is the list has an leght attribute wich do just that.
I am wanting to completely remake the table that is found in the Create Expense of the Expenses Application that was made by outsystems, except with my content.
yes, that line count script should number the lines under the #. It is mainly used when one line is deleted to keep the numbering in order. Though the other two issues are the ones I am needing to get going. It it the Total not showing up at all (which is to show the total of the item amounts) and the issue of when I use it and save a item with a pawn, and go to create a new pawn, that old item shows up the the 5 new lines.


why remake?

not easier to delete the data from the existing table and continue from there?

I am having to remake it becuse I am putting that type of table in my application, not using the exsisting Expenses App.

In response to why I must remake it, or to understand my issues, if you just take that first .oml and publish it and look under pawn and create one and you can see the issue. Once you create one go to make another one.

I was able to get two of the three issues worked out, the previous item showing in a new pawn record, and the GrandTotal not showing and updating at the bottom. I am still having issues with Row Counter. I will upload a newer version of the .oml and if you have any suggestions or awnsers regarding the Row Count Script, please let me know.

Sorry, I don't have 6.0 at my work :(

So hopefully someone else can answer your question :)

(side question: Did you "compare&merge" the expenses in your own app? The merge should be good enough to get no issues at all afaik.)

[EDIT] - Removed my original post's contents because just realized the suggestions contained herein didn't really address the problem reported (sorry!).

I looked into the matter again, and now I really found it. :) The js script that can be found inside the scriptRowCounter2 expression, which is responsible for "fixing" the row numbers after ajax calls, needs to have the EXPRESSION widgets that show this index with the CSS style of ItemNumber.

To make your OML work, simply set the Style property of that EXPRESSION (i.e. the one on the first column) to be ItemNumber. Don't worry that said value does not appear in the dropdown (it doesn't really exists as a discrete style).

Let me know if this worked,