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I'm trying to set up a tech job site (in the same way as upwork or turing). I did a search here in the topics and didn't find anything... can anyone help me?

I started using upsystems a few days ago...

Hi Carlos,

The first thing you would recommend is that you take the web course. after that develop the platform you are thinking of.

It is true that outsystems is intuitive and easy to use but watch the course and it will make it even easier for you.


Hello Cristian! 

See, my intention to create this job site is to help Ukrainian refugees who work in technology. That's why I need it with some urgency... I found the low code proposal super interesting, but now I won't have time to learn everything from scratch, you know?

Thanks for joining the discussion!


Hi Carlos, you have noble idea to help the people from Ukraine, but OutSystems LowCode requires a basic knowledge about OutSystems to be able to build a good working application. Also OutSystems has a license model that might be on the expensive side for your idea. And last but not least, what else will your job site offer that existing job sites of which there are many cannot offer?

Hello Daniel!

Well, the main difference is that it would be a site aimed exclusively at Ukrainians. We have some companies willing to relocate these professionals but we don't have the platform to hold this meeting.


Hello Carlos.

On an extra note, there are multiple sites to help Ukrainians ( is global and made in OutSystems) and there is the OutSystems initiative Build For Peace gathering volunteers for future needs.

My main concern here is not for remote IT workers (they have been fine using LinkedIn and speak English), but the refugees that need documents to get a job on the new country and that may not speak anything but Ukrainian and Russian.

If you have any idea for that, propose it to one of the above mentioned groups.

Thank you for the tips! I will forward the sites to my group.

In relation to other refugee situations, we have another group that makes contact with so-called "sanctuaries" to welcome those families.

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