image widget sometimes works

image widget sometimes works

I'm struggling with an image widget. Sometimes it works fine like expected, sometime my database images aren't retrieved and all I see is a red cross.
When I then redeploy my solution, without changing anything in those screens, it sometimes functions normally again. And sometimes not.
It's driving me crazy.
Since it does work as expected sometimes, I expect my eSpace is correct(ish). I already set it to not cache the image but I can't think of what else to try.

I'm using the latest service studio version. In the attached screenshots you can see that it works at first and when I try it again an hour later without having changed the eSpace it suddenly doesnt work anymore.

And probably if anyone is willing to help me out, they'd want to have a look at the .oml.
Here it is.

Not sure if this is what is ultimately causing it, but you probably want to change the Filename and Entity Identifier properties of the image to access the TableRecord's list (ImageTable) instead of the GetImageById query list (e.g. ImageTable.List.Current.Image.Id instead of GetImageById.List.Current.Image.Id). I'm convinced the state of the Current on the query that feeds the Table Record widget is undefined.

Let me know,

Hello Miguel,

Thank you for your help.
I've changed those settings back. I'm pretty sure that's how I'd initially set it up, before I went looking for the cause of my issue.
After changing as per your advise it works again. But given the nature of the problem I had, (that it sometimes worked and sometimes not) I will look to see how it holds up.
Will report back tomorrow afternoon.

Regards, Karel
Yep, it's broken again. So even with the correct settings for Filename and Entity Identifier the images don't show anymore.
I really wonder what can be the cause...
Hi Karel,

A few weeks ago I came across a bug using the image widget which caused a crash (has been reported), but found a work around.
Not sure if it will help as I haven't looked at your oml. ('Am at 100% usage at the moment)

Anyway, the issue revolved round placing the image widget within the  container "box". In this case, the image was also a link and had to pass an Id.
The workaround, which has so far proved reliable, is to place the image widget inside the container "table" instead.

Hope this helps in your case.
Hello Mark,

I've followed your suggestion. Again, at first it seems to work.
I'll see if it continues to work and will report back.

Thanks, Karel

I hope the workaround will work.

But for my info, if you get another cross, can you check if it's either a request-error, or the image is faulty for example
Yes, it works. And it's stable.
The image widget is inside a table container now.

I'm very grateful for the support. Thank you all.