How to get data from Health & Fitness Plugin

We are developing a progressive application with the Health & Fitness Plugin, but when we call the action "RequestPermissions," it returns the error "Health & Fitness Plugin not available." Does this mean we need to launch it on a real phone (not emulated), or is there something else we are missing?

Hello Matthew Vines,

I am not sure about the plugin you are using.

If your plugin uses any native functionality, the app needs to be installed as a normal package on your phone. means it will not work in the browser/emulator.



Thanks Muhammed! Just to clarify, this means we will need to publish to the google play or apple store?

Yes, once you add any new plugin that needs to access native capability then you have to generate a new package and update it to the store.

Note: Don't forget to implement the app forceful version update feature for the app.

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