Accessing of a value from client input parameter to server input parameter

The actual Question is about the scope of local , input parameter and output parameter in both client and server action and  can we access the input parameter of a client action in server action's input parameter ?


Hey @Aman Vishwakarma, I dont know if I understood your question but I will say something about client and server and input and output parameters 

You can consume/call server actions in client actions, but you cannot call client actions in server actions. If you want some value from the input parameter of the client action. You just need to create an input parameter on the server action. If you are calling the server action in the client action it will be possible to pass the input parameter value from the client action to the input parameter of the server action.

If you have a variable on the scope of the screen or block, you just need to pass that value to the client action, by calling in some flow where that client action is needed.

About the output parameter is almost the same as the input parameter, where you are client either client or server there will always be some output if you have the output created, and you just need to assign that output

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