For Javascript ninjas!!

For Javascript ninjas!!

Hi everyone!

I'll already tried and I'm very noob using Javascript but...

...Does anyone knows if it's possible to use in Outsystems? I think it would do wonders in some apps.

Yes, it's possible.
However, if you are not that confortable with JavaScript I wouldn't recommend going into jQuery.
There are a lot of technicalities you have to be aware of... 
  1. Being careful as to not load jQuery (and needed plugins) twice
  2. Being even more careful with .1 when you're using postbacks
  3. Being careful with Ajax refreshes, as these might break your "in-page" <script> tags
All of the above must be handled properly in order not to break the page (Outsystems uses a lot of JavaScript, so a single error can make your page stop working properly)
If you're still interested, check this post. The procedure described is valid for loading jQuery plugins as well.

By the way, that's a very handy plugin!
Thank you.
I think I will try it today but I won't spent many time on this because I'm really a newbie in Javascript.

If anyone thinks this is handy and successfully implements this in a project, post here a sample OML please!