How to submit form data to another screen


Please help me to solve this issue:

I have created a form in screen1. If user clicks on submit button i want all the data to be displayed in the table form on screen2.  Again if the user goes to screen1 and submits new data then the new data should be added at the top in screen2 with previous data. So if user submits 4 times then all previous data should be displayed in table form in screen2.

Thank you,

Preetam Vaidya

Hello Preetam Vaidya,

I got your requirement; you have created a screen with forms in Screen 1.

Now you have to save these form details to your database table/Entity.

From Screen2, in your preparation, you can get values from this entity and pass them as the source to the table.



Thank you @Muhammed Riyas 

Hi @Preetam Vaidya ,

All you need to add data to the DB from the form and on submit through a button you can use destination widget to navigate to the required screen, you can simply use aggregates or data actions to fetch the data and bind the list to table source.

Hope this helps,


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