Subdomains and outsystems

Subdomains and outsystems

Has anyone used subdomains on the agile platform - does it work?

1) User login to
2) User visits
3) at this point will the user be logged into both applications at the same time? or will the user need to login eSpace2 since its on a different subdomain?

 4) what about going from to and vice visa, does it work? 

Tricky questions, but afaik subdomains are something that is resolved via dns/iis
so it should work with outsystems.

about the session, I am not so sure.
I think they are in the same session (looking at the outsystems site - forums, projects etc.)
In general, subdomains have worked fine for me with Agile Platform. I have not tried jumping across subdomains in the middle of a session, though.

Hi Robert,

ASP.Net bounds the session cookies to the subdomain (e.g., but you can hack around that by re-creating the ASP.Net session cookie manually (using HTTPRequestHandler.SetCookie) to the parent domain ( This way you'll have a shared session in all your scenarios.

As for deploying to different subdomains Enterprise Editon let's you do that using zones.

Tiago Simões