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Dears ,

I hope this mail find you well ,

Kindly help me when I create the APP and go to through OutSystem Guide ,I cannot find the OutStagramCore entity to add It In my App and I searched In Forge about this entity but not found also so please check and revert to continue .


Hello Mohamed ,

Please check that In the Outstagram core entity,serveractions have you set public property to Yes.

what ever present in your screenshot that should be set as public so that you will able to see that in outstagram guide app I have attached the screenshot for your reference 

May be this will helps you,

Keep Coding :)

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Hello Akshay ,

Thanks for your response ,

Kindly help me to find Charts entity because i can not found it in my core entity and by the way i can not found OutStagramCore ,if it possible to mention from any module (Processes ,Interface,Logic or Data)With clear complete screen shot because as attached i can not found this acction,so please check and revert ASAP.


Sorry for late reply 

and mohamed the screenshot i give is just example for you
you will not need to find chart entities

As you paste this screenshot you need to find this server action and entity which is i am assuming in the core and server action is in logic part of core where entity is in data part so go there and set public to yes

and then you will also able to see those entity and server action in your consumer module i.e. OutStagram guide

(I am assuming you have two modules one is enduser that is OutStagram and one is core modules OutStagramCore (with server action and entity ) )
correct me if i am wrong
what ever you need from OutStagramCore you need to give public property is yes and then it will be reflect
OutStagram guide

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

Dear Akshay Deshpande,

Thanks for supporting and response ,

i will tell you what i did and please help me and correct me if i am wrong 

1) I add Action1 in client actions in Logic part and set public to yes as in attached screen.

2) I add Entity1 in Entities ein Data Part and set public to yes as in attached screen .

now when i try to search on OutStgarmcore  not found in Dependencies also  my app name is "MyInsta" so i need to find the core part to enable actions and entities so please check and help me .

if it possible to have a short call to discuss i will appceriate that .


I have some question for your
1) if your end user of(myinsta) have the entity and action then what you are expecting from core ?(an if you are using from end user then y you set that as public )
2) In core we right the BL (entity and action ) which we used in the end user application if we want particular action and entity used in other module then we need that to set public
3) if you are expecting something from your core i.e entity1(from core module to end user) then in core module you need that entity with Public property yes

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

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