Create and extract in excel pivot table

How to make a table in pivot table format in outsystem? and extract it in excel

Attached is the table I need separating hours per day


Hello Thauany Moreira,

You can use this component from the forge.

It provides pivot features for your table.

Hello, thanks for the feedback, I already downloaded this from forge, but I don't know how to extract this in excel, could you help me?

Hello Thauany Moreira

Documentation for Pivot table component.

It's available in the component documentation tab.

This is an example of how to use the pivot table with a relational database.

Step1: Setup  the Northwind Database. 

In this case I've added the external database with the Integration Studio. (You can use normal OutSystems entities)

Then add it as a dependency of your project 

Your database should look like this:

Step2: Install the Pivot table component and add it as dependency of your project:

For this example I've chosen the following elements:

Step3: Create a new screen, name it Pivot Table. 

3.1. Prepare this data (if you are working in Traditional):

The Aggregate should look like this:

3.2. Drag the Pivot Table Widget to the screen:

Assign the OrderDetailTable.Id to the SourceTableWidgetId.

The OnNotify is mandatory: this action refreshes the Pivot widget.

You can also drag a ShowHide block but is optional.

4. In your Browser, go to the Pivot Table web page.

You can now start drilling down the data with a pivot table by:

4.1. dragging the available entities to the greyed column or row areas;

4.2. selecting the chart type;

4.3. selecting the aggregation (COUNT, SUM, etc.);

4.4. a new input box appears: now choose the aggregated variable (eg. sales, discounts).

Hello Thauany Moreira,

there is demo also available may be that will helps you

Thanks and Regards,

Akshay Deshpande

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