[Firebase Mobile] How to send notifications to all Android/IOS devices with the app?
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Is it possible using Firebase to send notifications to anonymous users? That is, I created an app, where there is an Events tab. And whenever a new event is created, I intend to send a notification to all devices that have the app installed. There are no users.

How can I do this?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Henrique,

You can subscribe all the devices to a generic topic (using SubscribeTopic when your app starts) and then use SendNotificationToTopic to that same topic.



Hi David, Thanks for the help given. 

Okay, so I'll put the "SubscribeTopic" in the OnAppReady event, but what do I put in the Topic?

Then I will use SendNotificationToTopic, and use the FCMServerKey, to send the key that I have created in FireBase. (I already have this key)

"Title" and "Body" will be notification content.

And the "Topic", I suppose it has to be the same one I used in the "SubribeTopic"


This action (SendNotificationToTopic) will be on the "Create Events" button. And so whenever a new event is scheduled, everyone who has the app will know.


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