Swagger file doesn't support specification

Hello Everyone, I hope you're doing well, I'm new in Outsystems so if you can help me please.

When ever I try to add a REST API, this error keeps popping up

Also, if anyone can help me with the exact steps for adding the REST API I would be thankful, I'm trying to add (books api) that google has but it's not working at all on anyway.

Thanks in advance.


Possibly you are putting the wrong URL or the way you are adding the method is wrong. Can you share the link to add the method?


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Thank you for your answer, I've chosen the all method choice, and that was the wrong step.

However I still can't understand how to add my API

This is the API I want to add https://developers.google.com/books/docs/v1/getting_started

The books API, I can't get from where and which link should we take to be the URL.

I tried to look at the exercise but I couldn't understand from where did we get this link

or even the token thing for the OAuth, so the whole idea is not clear unfortunately, I will watch the video you've gave me I hope I can get it.

Thank you so much.



I think that is not a valid API Url. You will have to study to use the different types of methods that you can use to show data.

I was able to use one URL.

Look at this

You have to read very well.

I am going to show you how this really works as an example using this URL


Click consume

Add single method

Click on Test and then on the button Test, and you will see the result.

Then click on copy to response body and click finish.

Also, have a look at this video where it explaining how to use a method from the book API.


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