[OutSystems reactive data grid] Row number reset when returning from a second screen
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I have a datagrid server side pagination setup for reactive data grid ,  on page 3 , i have row column number shows 41-50 number.   

I used Column Action to link it to a case number which allows me to goto update a case on the 2nd screen.

When I use back button to go back to Data grid,   Page 3 still there but the Row column is now reset to 1-10 (what I want is to retain 41-50 row number on the data grid)

reactive data grid row reset.jpg

Hi Larry Tay,

Have you tried in different browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) and got the same result? I believe some may behave differently because of each browser's back button. 

Probably you also lose the sort column and sort order, right? If that's the case, you can use a client variable to store these variables:  the StartIndex, the Sort Column and the Sort Order. Just make sure to update them everytime you change pagination or sort column.

If you dont want to use the client variables directly, you can still use local variables but on screen's OnInitialize get their values from client variables. On the other hand, on screen's OnDestroy you should do the opposite, i.e., assign the client variables to what the local variables just had.

Please let me know if this helped in any way!



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