[InAppBrowser Plugin] Web Browser and PDF usage on Android
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Hi All.

I have a mobile app with a menu with links to external URLS, such as this one.

I simply wish to open the link using a browser contained within the app, and be able to open PDF's within it (The ink above is basically a list of PDF clinical guidelines).

I just cannot get it to work!

For transparency. I have asked this question before here. But it was some time ago, it was never solved and I made some rookie mistakes with regards to my answers. I hope it's ok starting afresh.

Essentially, as the diagram below shows (via the comments boxes at the bottom); I can succeed in either

  1. Opening an browser external to the app, and viewing PDF's or 
  2. Opening an internal browser, but not be able to view PDF's.
    I cannot
  3. Open an internal browser, and open PDF's!

Surely this must be possible? 

Thank you very much


Bump... :-P

From what I could see, you're trying to use the InAppBrowser to view the PDFs documents.
Did you test this on iOS and Android?
I'm asking this because Android's InAppBrowser does not support PDF viewing but it should work for iOS.

On Android the current behaviour is to open the PDF on another app that's installed on the device.

Best regards

Hi Nelson and thank you for your response.

iOS behaviour is fine.

Android does not behave as you describe on any of my test devices. On four different test devices using Android, the link opens fine in InAppBrowser, and the user is free to navigate, but nothing happens when the user clicks on a link to a pdf file.

I've recorded the behaviour for Android using each of the possible 'Target' parameters for InAppBrowser in the comments sections of the diagram above.

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