Is it possible to have an Action with more than one end point?
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.8 (Build 58515)

I'd like to be able to use my server and client actions to be able to do logical traffic control for my more involved workflows.

For example, I have a flow that checks to see if anything has changed for a given object (Address).  If the Address we've been given is different from the Address in the database, then we save the changes and create a record of the change.  If the Address we've been given matches exactly what's in the database, then no changes have occurred and nothing needs to be updated.

I'd like this logic encapsulated in it's own flow.  I'd like for there to be two end points.  One that indicates the the record should be changed, and one that terminates the flow (no changes).  I've used this pattern to great effect in a competing Low-Code solution, but I can't seem to do it in Outsystems.  Perhaps, I'm approaching this incorrectly for this tool.  Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi Terry,

the solution you described cannot be implemented exactly as you want.

But there are more ways to do it.

  1. (If possible) You can apply the database actions in the flow. If you find changes you can Update your record on flow 1 and do nothing on flow 2.
  2. You can set an output boolean variable assigned with the result of the flow, IsUpdate = False or True. Then update in the parent action.


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