MSSQL to Oracle sql convertion

MSSQL to Oracle sql convertion

Hi i have a project in MSSQL.How in the best way convert the syntax sql of several advanced queries to oracle syntax??
Not sure if there is a best way.

My approach would be, simply switch from database and go through all queryies to test-query them and see if they break or not.
It is a bit cumbersome, but switching from MSSQL to Oracle is not easy anyways and should be tested thoroughly
Since Oracle doesn't come with a Boolean datatype for data base columns what datatype does Outsystems use to store boolean values?
Number? Char?

In a MS SQL advanced query I have something like
WHERE UM.[ISACTIVE] = 1. Does it stay the same using Oracle? Should =1 become ='Y' ?

Hi guys,

I just published a Technical Note that may come in handy when migrating an application from SQL to Oracle:

Let me know if it helps.

As for your particular question João, the condition for comparison of a Boolean in Oracle remains the same e.g. WHERE UM.[ISACTIVE] = 1


Thank you Miguel.

The Technical Note is very helpful.