New Video: e-Signatures Made Easy with Box and OutSystems

Developer Advocate Rui Barbosa is at it again. In this latest episode of Decoded: Quick Hits, Rui shows you how to easily manage e-Signatures on  your documents using the Box Sign API via the Box Sign component from the Forge. Take a look! 

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00:00 - Intro
00:23 - Describing the Use Case
01:00 - The Broken Signature Process
01:20 - Demo
02:32 - Demo App
03:20 - Using JSON Web Token for Authentication
04:50 - Encrypting Sensitive Information
06:35 - Looking Deeper at the Service Calls
07:25 - Wrap-up and Resources

Nice video. thanks

It's a really helpful video


Great efforts.

Really thank you for sharing. This is amazing

Thank you so much for this is amazing 


Thanks for sharing. Does this allow multiple signers and process flow out of the box?

Hi Kumar, yes it does. You can even specify the order for which people should sign.

Wonderful, Rui! Quite a heavy lifting of workflow directly by the component.

Thanks For sharing. 

Really neat overview of something that usually is a bit of a pain in the ass!

Just a small note regarding something Rui said: JWT doesn't imply you have private/public key pair (aka asymmetric key), you can also sign a token with a regular symmetric key. This is an easier scenario that might be better suited in some cases, although not this one specifically.

Thanks for the clarification JoĆ£o.

Great, thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing!!

Thanks for sharing!

Great, thanks for sharing

Very Informative :) Thanks for sharing!!

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